ML-OA-RS232, Option board to add a secondary accessory to an ML-x17ADS

auxiliary board An ML-x17ADS data logger is provided with an RS232 port to connect an accessory, an accessory is considered a device not being a typical sensor/actuator.

The currently available accessories are: a TFT-display, a JPG-camera, a GPS-receiver or an Irridium satellite transceiver.

An ML-OA-RS232 option board can be used to add a secondary accessory to an ML-x17ADS data logger. So you can, in example, connect a TFT-display together with a camera now or create a dual camera system (e.g. to take pictures in opposite directions at a critical point in a trajectory).

Accessories can be powered from the 5V@800mA output of the accessory port of an ADS, unless a) the combined draw exceeds 800mA, b) the secondary accessory should be switched on at different times, c) an accessory requires a voltage other than 5V.

The ML-OA-RS232 option board has a control output to switch on an alternative power source, e.g. an ML-OP-524 when connect to its control input.