ML-x17 Editions

The ML-x17 is available with 3 different cellular modems ML-217(2G), ML-317(3G), ML-417(4G LTE-M) and in several editions. An ML-x17ADS or ML-x17TFT is equipped with (A)nalog, (D)igital and (S)erial inputs. For cost reduction an ML-x17DS lacks the analog inputs and an ML-x17AD the serial ones. All editions below are sharing about the same ML-x17 main PCB, but differ depending on the chosen enclosure cover option. The cover can be a blind cover, a cover with integrated solar panel or a cover with integrated touch color TFT display.

The different covers are giving the following ML-x17 Editions:
Battery powered 2G/3G/4G datalogger ML-x17DS-LI, ML-x17AD-LI, ML-x17ADS-LI
A D-Size 3.6V Lithium battery powered ML-x17 with blind cover (Using a SAFT-LSH20 battery is recommended)

This edition is best suitable for monitoring with higher log intervals >=1h and transfer intervals >=4h.
Battery powered 2G/3G/4G datalogger ML-x17DS-3LI, ML-x17AD-3LI, ML-x17ADS-3LI
Same as above, but equipped with D-size holders to host up to 3 Lithium SAFT LSH20 batteries safely, with a combined lossless capacity of 39000mAh. Read more...
PV powered 2G/3G/4G datalogger ML-x17DS-PV, ML-x17AD-PV, ML-x17ADS-PV
An ML-x17 with cover with integrated 1Wp tiny solar panel charging 3x AA NiMH batteries (Using LSD NiMH batteries with a minimum capacity of 2000mAh, like GP Recyko+ or Sanyo Eneloop, is strongly recommended). The batteries are protected against damage by over charging by the dimension of the panel and from damage by depletion by temporarly switching off the power to the logger, giving the sun the chance to replenish the batteries.

The PV-cells are encapsulated in ETFE sheet, which is the perfect material as it is heat resistant (up to 150°C) and does not deteriorate by UV-rays (UV-rays are passed thru and contribute to the energy harvesting). The PV-cover is rather maintenance free as the ETFE surface is non-sticky and therefor self-cleaning (dust is easily blown off by wind and dirt washed away by a rain shower).

This edition is best suitable for monitoring with moderate log intervals >=5 min and transfer intervals >=15 min.
DC powered 2G/3G/4G datalogger ML-x17DS-DC, ML-x17AD-DC, ML-x17ADS-DC
An externally 8..28V DC powered ML-x17 with blind cover and charging circuit for 3x AA NiMH (backup) batteries. The charging circuit protects the batteries from damage by over charging.

Tips: When using solar panels we recommend to use panels with a VOC of 17V or higher as well as panels not smaller than 3Wp. We also recommend to use LSD NiMH AA batteries with the highest capacity available (2600 mAh).

This edition is best suitable when a (non continues) external DC source is easily available or for monitoring with low log intervals <5 min or transfer intervals <15 min.
Solar powered 2G/3G/4G datalogger ML-x17DS-SLA, ML-x17AD-SLA, ML-x17ADS-SLA
An ML-x17 to be powered from an external 12V Sealed Lead Acid/LifePO4 battery, the integrated charger can be used to charge the 12V battery from an external 21Voc solar panel. Read more...

This edition is best suitable for applications with power hungry sensors, sensors that require continuous power or for monitoring with fast transfer intervals <=5 min.
2G/3G/4G data logger with touch color display ML-x17TFT-DC/SLA
As ML-x17ADS-DC/SLA, but with a cover with integrated 3.5" resistive touch color TFT display (320x240 pixels). The display is used for displaying actual values and historical data as graphs, its not meant for configuration purposes.

Note: The ML-x17-TFT is not waterproof and not designed for outdoor use.