Iridium EDGE, SBD satelitte transceiver with integrated antenna

Iridium SBD satellite transceiver The Iridium EDGE with embedded antenna has global data coverage and is a very suitable satellite transceiver for low power data logging applications. Other SBD modems can be used as well, but the EDGE is convenient as it supports RS-232 and has a weatherproof enclosure with integrated antenna.

The EDGE can be connected to and switched on from the accessory port of the ML-x17ADS data logger.

The satellite transceiver can be deployed as the data logger's main communication device or as backup in case the 2G/3G network is temporarily unavailable or out of reach. This backup function could be very interesting for traveling data logging applications or remote locations at the edge of cellular coverage.

Beware that satellite communication is rather expensive, so please choose a moderate data log interval and consider the use of the aggregation features of the data logger (e.g. sample every 5 minutes, but only record an hourly average).

To cut down your communication costs, an YDOC data logger can transfer log data in a compacted binary format. Example: Logging 3 parameters each hour and transmitting it once a day, will cause a daily payload of just 150 bytes and a monthly cost of about $5.

SBD messages are transmitted to an Iridium server (GSS: Gateway Short Burst Data Subsystem) and you can ask your Iridium Airtime provider to pass SBD messages to an e-mail address of your choosing (e.g. to Sensori sensor cloud platform) or by the Iridium gateway protocol (IPDirect) to your or our server running ydocInsights or your own data collection software.

As we don't sell satellite transceivers or Airtime ourselves, you have to acquire them elsewhere (e.g. at:
Iridium EDGE satellite transceiver Specifications M12-8 pin male connector

The Iridium EDGE accepts a voltage between 9 and 24V, the accessory port can drive 5V only. When using a 12V battery or a ML-x17ADS-SLA you can connect P5 to the 12V (battery) output, else you can connect P5 to an ML-OP-524 option board set to external control with the control input connected to P6 as well.