ML-COVER-LFP, LiFePO4 charger for solar powered data loggers

LiFePO4 (LFP) charger for solar powered data loggers The ML-COVER-LFP is a power provision cover fitting our ML-417 off-grid LTE-m & NB-IoT data logger. An ML-417 can be powered from 1 to 4 LiFePO4 18650 3.2V cells, which can be charged by connecting an external solar panel.

This power provision might be a convenient alternative, if your application needs a bit more energy than an ML-COVER-PV with integrated 1Wp solar panel can yield and store, but you want to avoid using an external 12V battery.

LiFePO4 is a stable and safe battery chemistry with an excellent cycle life (over 1000 cycles at 100% DOD and thousands at 80% DOD). The energy round trip efficiency is much better than that of NiMH or Lead Acid batteries, so you can yield more energy from a same sized solar panel.

Please use our online Data logger power consumption calculator to estimate the battery life of your application.
1) You have to set the "Battery (protection & lifespan)" property in the ML-417 to "Rechargeable LFP" to prevent the data logger to fall into a continuous deep sleep (NiMH battery protection mode)!