ML-017SWARM, Satellite Connected Data Logger

Satellite connected data logger The ML-017SWARM is a small, cost effective data logger with built-in satellite modem suitable for data transfer over the Swarm low earth orbiting satellite constellation. The Swarm constellation has real global coverage enabling to monitor environmental phenomena and precious resources all over the planet affordably. This small data logger in rugged weatherproof enclosure, is provided with an industrial grade microSD card, re-chargeable battery slots and integrated charger to be powered from a small external solar panel. Hook-up sensors of your choosing to assemble a self-sustaining monitoring station that can be deployed anywhere around the globe.

The data logger can acquire physical signals by 2 current loop inputs, 2 voltage inputs, 1 potentiometer input and 3 digital inputs. More or special in/outputs can be added by means of internal stackable option boards/converters. The data logger is provided with one serial port to capture measurements from ASCII, MODBUS, NMEA or SDI-12 compatible sensors. External sensors can be powered by the data logger itself, to prevent them to consume power while the data logger is a sleep. Up to 8 mathematical channels are available to calculate meaningful engineering values derived from sensor input values (e.g. a polynomial to calculate a flow from a stream level). Supports up to 8 aggregation channels (e.g. to record 10 minute windspeed averages sampled at 1Hz). The data logger can record up to 64 different parameters/channels (to SD-Card) of which a maximum of 15 can be marked-up for satellite transfer. Up to 750 satellite data packets can be transferred per month, so about 1 per hour. Data compaction is used to squeeze as much as possible data into a single 192 byte packet (typically 6 time series of about 10 channels).

Transferred data will be securely stored in a cloud storage called the Hive and can also directly be passed to the Sensori IoT-platform to present your sensor data and gain valuable insights.
1) 60mA if no external sensors need to be powered.
2) <1 sec. if external sensors are responsive and don't require time to "warm up".
3) Stays active till all enqueued packets are transferred, can take hours (see: Swarm Pass Checker)
4) LiFePO4 or NiMH batteries not included.

Use our online Data logger power consumption calculator to estimate the battery life of your application or to determine settings fitting local solar power yield.

For more tips, please read the application notes.